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This web site is not just meant to promote the Domaine as a nice place to spend the holidays.
It is also about the question:
'This life, what is it all about?'

To live intense, a life that makes sense
. Every single day a new adventure.
 To look at yourself. To look for and maybe find some answers 

The device of (and at) Ange Gardien is:
 Whatever has to happen, will happen,
 don't obstruct mercy, work with it.That stands for use your talents, 
they are a gift, granted.
A second device is to be found in Psalms 34:
avoid, leave the evil.
Do good, seek peace, try to conquer it.

And a third of Cor de Vries: 
from the booklet ‘Life and Death’:
We all aspire
to live
and to pass on life
given to us.
That's life:
to give.

In the seventies The Incredible Stringband sang:

A daily, or weekly, inspiration in Burgundy is
Taizé with its lovely, simple songs
 Ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est 
(Where there is love and friendship, there is God), 
Beati voi poveri, perché vostro è il regno di deo 
(Fortunate you poor ones, the Kingdom God is yours).

It is important to learn from the past.
Looking back gratefully to the good things that were.
Wiser because of mistakes made, unpleasant and difficult experiences.
But don't look back in anger.

It is about letting go, about accepting a loss,
about the good things in life, cherish moments of value.
Don't clinch to difficulties and problems.
Let go, work on yourself, revitalize

A tombstone found in Sailly shows us 
a definition of our stay on this globe:
"The moments of time are only a meeting on earth
on the road to Eternity."

To quote the famous psychologist Carl Gustav Jung:
Each day gives twelve hours to the world, your fellow-man, and twelve to yourself, to God, to reflection.
That demands efforts, action, and struggle too.
To let go, to make peace, it demands confrontation, courage to free oneself from sorrow, from obligations, from unpleasant experiences.
It demands to be free from sorrow and troubles, to open yourself for the other one, the silent voice in your hearth, in the nature.....

Ultimately it is the perfection, the self-realization
the ultimate peak experience of this life, the rising, passing
as Christ went up into the white light of Ascension
transported with powers and forces into the beyond
the body remains here and the soul flees forth ....
guardian angel to guard the gates of heaven ..
ever the last word ...
may it go on like this to the end....
to go to the paradise, Adieu ....

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